Inkha is a reactive robotic head
It tracks moving objects using cameras inside its eyes
It issues verbal statements based on visual, sensory, environmental and touch-screen input
It demonstrates various behaviours including fright, nonchalance and boredom
Its movement is lifelike

Inkha was established at King's College London in 2002 by Matthew Walker and Peter S Longyear.  The project was supervised by Dr Kaspar Althoefer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Inkha was installed as a permanent robotic receptionist at King's College London between December 2003 and October 2014 where it ran 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  The installation was initiated by Dr Mark Miodownik from the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Inkha has appeared on television programs and in newspaper articles all over the world.  There have been physical appearances at science events around the UK and in the 2005 Faraday Lectures

Inkha has visited Japan and Hong Kong

Inkha became part of the Robots' Exhibition at London's Science Museum in 2017 and will be on tour from September 2017 until 2022