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19.10.2017 inkha is part of robots exhibition at manchester museum of science and industry

11.02.2017 inkha appears in the intelligence explosion guardian film

11.02.2017 inkha techradar article as part of coverage of robots exhibition at london science museum

8.02.2017 inkha is part of robots exhibition at london science museum

7.02.2017 guardian preview film of backstage at london science museum's robots exhibition

20.10.2014 inkha decommissioned at kings college reception

3.12.2013 inkha 10th birthday party held at kings college reception

29.05.2013 inkha appeared at animatronic masterclass at university college london institute of making

21.01.2011 inkha robotic receptionist at kings college fully refurbished after 7 years continous running and restored to 'as new' condition

07.06.2006 to 11.06.2006 inkha and steve appeared at cheltenham science festival 2006

21.06.2005 to 30.09.2005  inkha appeared at the save the robots exhibition at the ark, dublin, ireland.  for more information visit 

08.06.2005 to 12.06.2005 inkha appeared at cheltenham science festival 2005

13.04.2005 inkha  appeared at the creative robotics research network symposium at the university of hertfordshire, college lane campus, hatfield, england

22.03.2005 to 31.03.2005 inkha appeared in the 2005 faraday lecure tour of the far east visiting hong kong, malaysia and singapore

17.02.2005 inkha featured on the xchange television program on children's bbc

15.02.2005 inkha visited the intelligent autonomous systems lab at university of western england

20.01.2005 to 15.03.2005 inkha appeared in the 2005 faraday lecure at venues all over uk

10.11.2004 inkha appeared at a creative robotics symposium at the open university in milton keynes, england

24.07.04 inkha appeared on fantastico television program in brazil. film available at type inkha into the search box which is labelled busca

23.06.04 inkha ltd incorporated in order to develop an educational version of inkha

17.06.04 article about inkha published in issue 79 of realrobots magazine

09.06.04 to 13.06.04 inkha appeared at the cheltenham science festival in gloucestershire, united kingdom

22.04.04 article about inkha published in issue 74 of realrobots magazine

15.04.04 film of inkha released by research-tv then search for inkha

07.04.04 inkha visited hara labs at tokyo university of science

05.04.04 inkha visited waseda university robotics lab in tokyo

12.03.04 to 21.03.04 inkha installation at kings college was part of national science week

24.02.04 inkha appeared at launch of simfonec business plan challenge competition at the cass business school in london uk

16.02.04 inkha article in the pittsburgh post gazette

16.02.04 inkha appeared at a humanoid robotics discussion event at the dana centre in south kensington london uk

01.02.04 inkha article in geolino magazine

22.01.04 inkha article in the times newspaper,,8123-972966,00.html

03.12.03 inkha2 installed as a permanent robotic receptionist in the strand entrance of kings college london uk

25.11.03inkha article in nature magazine

01.10.03 to 30.11.03 creation of inhka2 using volz industrial servo motors, sprung neck assembly, advanced medonis servo controllers and protouch touch screen

07.07.03inkha displayed at bbc tomorrow's world roadshow

14.04.03 inkha featured on the bbc world service go digital radio program and webcast

11.03.03 to 14.03.03 temporary installation of inkha as robotic receptionist in the foyer of kings college london in the strand london wc2 uk as part of national science week

10.03.03 inkha appeared on blue peter as part of national science week coverage

01.02.03 attendance at passionate machines conference, university of westminster, london, uk

hsl/hsb-based colour recognition
speech: colour-based verbal behaviours (fashion, astrology)
robustness work
childproofing the interface, waking hours
enhanced logging of activity (hue, speech, wake-ups)

relay box installed to allow for autonomy
installed for a month on a test site in london
taken to japan for presentation to japanese robotics company
copus grant applied for
replacement of 2 cirrus for hitec servos (eyelid, eye yaw)
replacement of 2 hitec hs225bb for digital hitec 5245mg servo (topneck)

14.10.02 eyelids added

inkha demonstrated to shadow robotics
improvements to speech capabilities:
   all speech in a database
   verbal behaviours (obnoxious, charming, tetchy)
   wav file support

inkha completed
msc dissertation presented to supervisor dr kaspar althoefer at kcl

neck assembly designed and built
sensor and control systems developed

eye assembly purchased from texas (
initial experiments and programming carried out

01.12.01 initial discussions between mat and mrplong at kcl


nature magazine

roland piquepaille

pittsburgh post gazette